Grayscale Met With The SEC, Tried To Convince Them To Turn The GBTC Into An ETF

Will GBTC get to become the first US-based spot bitcoin ETF? It doesn’t look that way. The euphoria from six months ago turned into Grayscale hinting that it might sue the SEC if its request is denied. Currently, the climate dictates that the answer will probably be negative, but the company is not giving up. […]

Tether Reduces its Commercial Paper Holdings in Favor of US Treasuries for its Reserves

Quick take: Tether’s CTO has stated that the company has reduced its holdings of commercial paper and increased its US Treasuries as reserves for USDT Tether also announced that the USDT stablecoin had stood the test of time USDT also suffered depegging this week as stablecoins were in the spotlight after UST’s and LUNA’s depreciation […]

Buy The Dip? Whales Add $1.2 Bln Bitcoin As Price Falls Below $30K

Bitcoin whales saw the token’s latest dip as another buying opportunity, with chain data showing at least $1.2 billion BTC was accumulated as the token sank below $30,000 again. The Global crypto market has decreased by 3% in the last 24 hours. The king of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) is also trading down by 3% in […]

Bitcoin climbs as Fed confirms “inflation is much too high”

Bitcoin rose as much as 3% today as the chair of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, directly addressed the American people, declaring that “inflation is much too high” and “we have the tools to bring inflation down.” Powell also gave the market some guidance as to what can be expected for the rest of the […]

10% of Ethereum Supply Staked in ETH 2.0 in Anticipation of The Merge

Ethereum 2.0, which was recently renamed the consensus layer, continues to gain steam because 12,059,714 ETH has been staked in its deposit contract. This represents 10% of the entire circulating Ethereum supply of 120,585,605 ETH, according to CoinMarketCap. Ethereum 2.0, also known as the Beacon Chain, was launched in December 2020 and was regarded as […]

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